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Rust-x is a global market leader in corrosion protection products and solutions, producing more than 500 products in 45 countries. Rust-x serves more than 10000 customers in automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, infrastructure and other fields, and its business covers all continents.

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  • Global 360 degree customer support
  • Maximum VCI range
  • Made on four continents
  • Highest performance products

VCI SMP technology

VCI SMP (rapid moisture passivation) technology passivates metal surfaces and eliminates moisture around metal parts. They have sufficient vapor pressure to evaporate and move to mix with moisture and basically reach the metal surface. 20% of VCI chemicals react within 6 hours and balance within 5-15 years.

  • Physical hydrophobic molecular barrier deposited on the surface
  • Electron flow passivation between anode and cathode

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RealVCI test In your hands, the VCI myth begins

The razor blade test and via test listed by NACE and bfsv Germany are the only VCI test methods that really determine the efficacy of VCI products.

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Rest Without Rust

Rust-x is the only vertically integrated VCI manufacturer in the industry, internally manufacturing chemicals, masterbatch, film, paper, desiccant, oil and foil. This provides customers with an advantage to rely on rust-x's complete packaging solution to ensure that they are safe and sound.

  • 100% Vertical integration
  • 44% Annual growth rate of
10000 +
200 +
Channel partners
500 +
VCI products

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